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Festool 481523 Hole Punch For RS 2 E Half Sheet Sander
List Price: $37.00 Price: $37.00
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  • Punches 10 holes in a 115 x 225 mm sheet
  • Easy to use - simply attach sheet abrasive to the sander, and apply hole punch
  • Single piece, with no moving parts to wear out
Black & Decker QS900 1/4-Sheet Sander with Filtered Dust Collection
List Price: $53.50 Price: $28.97 You Save: $24.53 (46%)
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  • Soft grip body provides comfort for prolonged sanding
  • 16,000 Orbits per Minute
  • Filtered Dust Collection keeps work area clean
Makita BO4552KX 1.6 Amp 1/4 Sheet Sander with 15 Sheets of Sandpaper
List Price: $90.00 Price: $95.79
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  • Ball bearing construction allows seamless operation
  • Measures 5-1/2-by-4-1/2-by-5-3/8 inches; 1-year limited warranty
  • 1/4-sheet finishing sander with 1.6 Amp motor
Sand It Gadget Refill Sandpaper-
List Price: $1.20 Price: $1.29
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  • 082676000928
  • Darice
DEWALT D26441 2.4 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Grip Sander with Cloth Dust Bag
List Price: $92.62 Price: $44.00 You Save: $48.62 (52%)
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  • 2.4 Amp motor sands at 14,000 opm, providing a superior finish
  • Sealed 100 percent ball-bearing construction provides longer life
  • High capacity dust bag with built-in vacuum adapter provides maximum dust collection with or with out a vacuum Dual plane, counter-balanced low-vibration design reduces user fatigue

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Clothes to the edge

  • Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.

    – Henry David Thoreau

    The week before school begins again always stirs up a pot of memories for me. With the dying wane of summer's last cicada and the nightly concert of chirping crickets, I am transformed to a simpler time when my main priority was to follow my mother through a series of stores in preparation for my appointment with another new teacher in a different classroom.

    Because I spent 10 years in the Kinnelon public school system, many of the faces in those classrooms carried over from year to year. That much is evident when I compare the class photos that have survived to this day. But even as my fellow students and I retained our names and faces, our attire changed as we grew up; from the brightly colored tunics and matching tights our moms dressed us in circa 1973 to the earth-toned corduroy jeans and concert T-shirts of the mid-80s, my generation wore it all.

    In the early years, we were all subject to our parents' fashion and financial sense. There was no arguing over what I would wear to elementary school; if it still fit, even if it had been handed down from my older sisters, it was fair game, regardless of how ugly it was. Giant pointed collars and wide plastic belts meant to simulate patent leather were all the rage, as were prints yielding cartoonish flowers in the gaudiest colors never imagined by Mother Nature.

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    Sand Paper Punch-Plate for Jetstream to Multi-Jetstream

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    Source: Sand Paper Punch-Plate for Jetstream to Multi-Jetstream

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    Montreal Gazette - Dec 31, 1969

    But perhaps the moment that stood out most to the boys on the bench was sandpaper forward Ryan White offering his face as a punching bag to Florida's Nolan Yonkman, taking punch after punch to his mug without so much as hinting he'd fight back.

    Aaron Volpatti and Fighting: Why the New Forward's Acquisition is Puzzling Russian Machine Never Breaks - Dec 31, 1969

    Washington will not be able to punch their way into relevancy. But maybe I'm wrong. Matt Hendricks thinks so. “They bring character to our room,” he told me of the new players. “They bring that attitude that no matter what it takes I'm gonna do it - Dec 31, 1969

    or even in most alley fights. I assume it's a no-no in The Congo, too. Ibaka is headed for a one-game suspension, almost certainly Tuesday night against the Lakers. The NBA office is open Mondays. Not even Thunder diehards can defend Ibaka's punch.

    Toughness is not the cure for all that ails the Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Journal (blog) - Dec 31, 1969

    It's what Brian Burke calls “truculence”, what Pat Quinn called “jam,” what others call “grit” or “crust” or “sandpaper” – that combination of physical play and fighting that makes a team “tough to play against.” The funny thing is that for need to

    Fear the Fin - Dec 31, 1969

    They play with sandpaper. They were shit talkers, trash talkers. I was getting upset on the bench because I wanted to get out there and punch somebody. I'm not saying we want to go away from that, but the guys did seem to shy away on the Colorado

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    New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry, 20 Clever and Easy Stamped Projects New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry, 20 Clever and Easy Stamped Projects

    Creator: Aisha Formanski | Crafts & Hobbies - 2013-10-15 Punch the pattern 1 Per the instructions in Chapter 2, adhere a copy of the pattern from the back of the book to the 24-gauge ... If you want to make your edges even smoother after you've filed them, sand them down with fine-grit sandpaper. Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."

    Popular Science Popular Science

    1932-08 Sandpaper. to. WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH miature Cameras Take more photos ... the holes are punched for At left: The cover as it appears when tooled, embossed , and punched ; also the coarse sandpaper with which the embossing is done, ...

    Pockets, Pull-Outs, and Hiding Places Pockets, Pull-Outs, and Hiding Places

    Creator: Jennifer Mason Jenn Mason | Add a bit of vellum inside a slide mount and sand with fine sandpaper. Punch a hole and hang from file folder. materials cardstock decorative paper metal letters copper mesh brads paper flowers photo turns tassels acrylic paint adhesive ... Publisher: Quarry Books

    Popular Science Popular Science

    1970-12 These plates help assure a firm bond between paper and disk, and greatly extend the working life of a sandpaper disk. For best results, use open-coat sandpaper. Punch out the center hole and coat the disk and paper with rubber cement.

    Making Metal Beads, Techniques, Projects, Inspiration Making Metal Beads, Techniques, Projects, Inspiration

    Creator: Pauline Warg | Crafts & Hobbies - 2006 Dividers or plastic circle template Scribe Steel block Center punch Chasing hammer Jeweler's saw and 2/0 saw blades ... page 31 Steel or wood dapping block and punches Utility hammer or weighted mallet Sandpaper, 400 grit Flexible shaft ... Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

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    Jun 10, 2009 by Jay-Jay! ™ | Posted in Tattoos

    Pls don't tell me it all depends on your pain threshold. I want the description of the sensation. Is it like rubbing sandpaper on a really bad sunburn? or getting cut over and over by a penknife or bee sting injection....etc...some biting u? waxing? getting

    well im 14 and wanted one just for the feeling because i was curious too. what it reminded me of was someone just repeatedly poking you over and over again. like that annoying feeling. i got mine on the top of my back (right under my neck) and yeah some