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  • KEEP THE HOUSE, KITCHEN, AND OFFICE CLEAN AND FRESH: Peppermint oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic, a natural disinfectant shown to have strong action against Staph, E. coli, Salmonella, Herpes and other viruses, Candida, Giardia, and many more undesirable agents. Use peppermint oil to soak your fruits, vegetables, and even meats before refrigeration. Use a peppermint oil spray to wash kitchen counters and surfaces. Add a drop of peppermint oil when you run the dishwasher. Use peppermint oil aroma to keep the air fresh and clean.
  • EARTH-FRIENDLY FRUSTRATION-FREE PACKAGING: You won't need heavy equipment to get to your peppermint oil. Each bottle comes with both a long glass dropper, and a phenolic cap for long term storage, so that the oil won't degrade the rubber dropper. You'll also receive our very detailed User's Guide, illustrating the many scientifically researched benefits of peppermint oil, by e-mail attachment when your Essentially KateS Premium Peppermint Oil ships.
  • NATURAL REPELLENT OF INSECTS AND RODENTS: Use peppermint oil as a natural insecticide and insect repellent. Instructions are included in our Usage Guide, which summarizes the most current research on peppermint oil uses and includes detailed "how-to" information, including how to make your own effective mosquito repellent, how to keep mice out of the home and garage, how to keep your garden vegetables free of damage from insects and fungi, and how to keep flies, mosquitos, and other insects out of the house.
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  • Sanitizing Wand uses powerful ultraviolet light to kill germs and odor causing bacteria on hard surfaces
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Eight ways to keep cattle healthy for less this winter

  • Every farmer is looking to cut costs, and veterinary medicines and doses will be on most farmers' hit-lists. But there are ways to minimise your veterinary bills without sacrificing the health and performance of your herd.

    None of the measures suggested here are rocket science, but it is mind-boggling how many farmers continue to ignore some of these options.

    For example, it is often estimated by companies that analyse silage that less than 20 pc of all farmers that make silage every year spend the €40-50 that it costs to get it analysed.

    It's impossible for a farmer to make informed decisions on what's best for his herd without any information on what nutrients are being supplied by the main source of feed for the animals for up to half of their life.

    As technology progresses, and our understanding of biology increases, the range of tools and products on the market to help farmers address health issues in their animals is ever-expanding.

    And there is no shortage of marketing expertise and money spent on convincing farmers that any one of these products can solve all their problems.

  • Source: Irish Independent

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    New Product Line ~ Ladibugs Pesticide-Free head lice treatment ...

  • The first 100% chemical-free head lice treatment product line.

    Now we know that it's not the most pleasant topic to discuss, but let's face it, people with kids are extremely likely to confront this problem at least once! It is very common, so common in fact that it is second only to the common cold. Approximately 24 million cases of head lice are diagnosed yearly. Crazy statistics, right?!

    It is also a family problem, meaning that the entire family should be examined. Only those showing evidence of infestation should be treated. Infested persons in the family should all be treated at the same time to prevent re-infestation from one family member to another.

    A lot of myths exist regarding lice, which we will 'de-bug' for you! 

    Myth : Lice is the result of poor hygiene. Reality: One of the oldest beliefs is that head lice prefer “dirty kids.” It’s simply not true. Head lice actually prefer clean hair to dirty hair. What they are attracted to is blood.

  •

    Source: New Product Line ~ Ladibugs Pesticide-Free head lice treatment ...

    Does Disinfectant Kill Lice
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    Poultry Herald Poultry Herald

    Poultry - 1904 It la a flrBtr^lasa disinfectant and deodorizer and should be sprayed freely about the poultry house. Full directions for ... Wyandotte Lice Powder is a combination of powerful Insecticides, and is guaranteed to kill lice and mites wherever found.

    The Southern Planter The Southern Planter

    Agriculture - 1915 A powerful disinfectant and germ destroyer. I urge you men to use it around your hogpens, stables, poultry houses, outhouses, troughs, garbage cans, drains, etc. It sure does kill lice on hogs, cures skin and parasitic diseases. Remember, the ...

    American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record

    Materia medica - 1915 "What dilution will be efficient for the purposes for which a coal-tar disinfectant is usually sold over the counter when not ... 4 it should be understood that the non- caustic coal-tar product combined with soluble sulphur here referred to kills lice, ...

    Poultry Success Poultry Success

    Poultry - 1918 DISINFECTANT. Kills. Lice. and. Mites. Keeps. disease. and. vermin. from your flock and coops. Zen- oleum is more powerful, sure and safer than ... Simply dost it Into the fluffy feathers and it does the work, without Injury to hens, esse or chicks .

    Dairy Farmer Dairy Farmer

    Dairy farming - 1916 Dr. Hess Dip and Disinfectant Not only a dip, but a powerful disinfectant as well, that you can use in dozens of ways. ... Hogs wll be constantly passing back and forth from the wallow to the feed trough; while the DIP will kill the lice and cleanse  ...

    Does Disinfectant Kill Lice
    Sep 07, 2010 by Mr. Goodtimes | Posted in Skin Conditions

    Someone please help me? I have had scabies for about 6 months now, and have tried lindane lotion twice. It got rid of them but they came back. Now i know i need to get rid of them around the house. I went to the doctor and they gave me a prescription

    Talk to a counselor at your school to get help with this. You cannot get rid of scabies just by getting rid of the ones on your body. You do have to cover every area of your body with the treatment. That is the only way to be sure you get all of them.