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What to do if your kid has lice: What you need, the steps to take


    If there's a silver lining of a lice infestation, it's that you don't have to boil everything in sight. Studies have shown that an infested person can sleep on a pillowcase all night and the next day there will be no or only one louse on the pillowcase. Lice don't like to leave the hair. They die quickly when they are no longer attached.

    With that in mind, experts suggest:

    • Wash the sheets and pillowcases from the infected person's bed in hot water. Dry at whatever temperature is appropriate to the fabric. After the bedclothes are dry, run on high heat in the dryer for 20 minutes. There's no evidence that the blankets, pillows and the bed linens of other family members need to be treated unless the infected child has slept in their beds or the family members have documented infestation.

    • Vacuum areas that come into direct contact with the head, such as sofa backs, sofa cushions and car seats, but don't worry too much about them. Remember, lice don't like to leave the head and don't live long when they do.

  • Source: Pacific Daily News

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    New Product Line ~ Ladibugs Pesticide-Free head lice treatment ...

  • The first 100% chemical-free head lice treatment product line.

    Now we know that it's not the most pleasant topic to discuss, but let's face it, people with kids are extremely likely to confront this problem at least once! It is very common, so common in fact that it is second only to the common cold. Approximately 24 million cases of head lice are diagnosed yearly. Crazy statistics, right?!

    It is also a family problem, meaning that the entire family should be examined. Only those showing evidence of infestation should be treated. Infested persons in the family should all be treated at the same time to prevent re-infestation from one family member to another.

    A lot of myths exist regarding lice, which we will 'de-bug' for you! 

    Myth : Lice is the result of poor hygiene. Reality: One of the oldest beliefs is that head lice prefer “dirty kids.” It’s simply not true. Head lice actually prefer clean hair to dirty hair. What they are attracted to is blood.

  •

    Source: New Product Line ~ Ladibugs Pesticide-Free head lice treatment ...

    Does Disinfectant Kill Lice
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    Does Disinfectant Kill Lice
    Sep 07, 2010 by Mr. Goodtimes | Posted in Skin Conditions

    Someone please help me? I have had scabies for about 6 months now, and have tried lindane lotion twice. It got rid of them but they came back. Now i know i need to get rid of them around the house. I went to the doctor and they gave me a prescription

    Talk to a counselor at your school to get help with this. You cannot get rid of scabies just by getting rid of the ones on your body. You do have to cover every area of your body with the treatment. That is the only way to be sure you get all of them.