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TEKTON 2846 Ratchet Screwdriver, Bit and Socket Set, 55-Piece
List Price: $22.99 Price: $11.99 You Save: $11.00 (48%)
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  • Drop Forged Chrome Plated 6-Point Sockets
  • Sandblasted Chrome Vanadium Steel Bits
  • 3-Function Ratchet Screwdriver: Forward, Fixed and Reverse Drive Positions
Bosch PS21-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case
List Price: $244.00 Price: $99.00 You Save: $145.00 (59%)
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  • Compact and Lightweight - Shortest height and head length along with lightest weight make this tool great for overhead/tight area work.
  • 20+1 Clutch Settings - Perfect torque adjustments for precise screw driving
  • Improved LED Light - Light to illuminate working area
Makita HR4002 1-9/16-Inch SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer
List Price: $630.00 Price: $345.00 You Save: $285.00 (45%)
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  • HR4041C
  • Automatic brush cut-off protects commutator from damage for longer tool life
  • Accepts SDS-MAX bits
WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with 12 Driving Bits
List Price: $49.99 Price: $36.91 You Save: $13.08 (26%)
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  • 2 rapid reload cartridges hold 6 bits each and interchange quickly
  • Stays fully loaded and bits are never lost
  • Includes screw starter drill bit to make pilot holes
Black & Decker GCO12SFB 12-Volt NiCad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver with Storage Bag and Stud Sensor
List Price: $81.56 Price: $38.99 You Save: $42.57 (52%)
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  • Ample power and variable speed/reversing trigger for optimal control in a variety of materials
  • Keyless chuck for quick and easy bit changes
  • Stud Finder detects studs through walls up to 3/4-inch thick

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  • 3D printing may have an image problem. It’s sometimes seen as a hobbyist pursuit—a fun way to build knickknacks from your living room desktop—but a growing number of companies are giving serious thought to the technology to help get new ideas off the ground.

    That’s literally off the ground in aircraft maker Boeing’s case. Thirty thousand feet in the air, some planes made by Boeing are outfitted with air duct components, wiring covers, and other small, general parts that have been made via 3D printing, or, as the process is known in industrial applications, additive manufacturing. The company also uses additive manufacturing with metal to produce prototype parts for form, fit and function tests.

    Whether it’s the living room or a corporate factory, the underlying principle of 3D printing—additive manufacturing—is the same. It’s different from traditional manufacturing techniques such as subtractive or formative manufacturing, which mainly rely on removing material through molding, drilling or grinding. Additive manufacturing instead starts from scratch and binds layers of material sequentially in extremely thin sheets, into a shape designed with 3D modeling software.

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    Wellbore Sidetracking Guidelines - Directional Drilling Technology

  • Sidetracking a Harder Target Formation - a diamond sidetrack bit should be employed. Caution needs to be exercised when using a diamond sidetrack bit as, it can produce very high doglegs. Motor settings typically used with sidetrack bits should be between 2-2.5. Sidetrack bits are used only to establish the “ledge”. Generally only 5-6m is cut with a sidetrack bit, as this is the distance that the ledge will be the same width as the bit face (typically—the actual amount drilled will vary). Once the entire bit face is off, and is cutting new hole, the bit will generally stop drilling, and typically an increase in SPP will be seen. These two signs indicate that a good ledge is started, and the assembly should be pulled out in favour of a traditional Directional Drilling assembly. Sidetracking from a Cement Plug - a new bit of the same type used to drill the original wellbore should be used. The ideal situation is the cement plug is harder (drills slower) than the formation,...
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    Source: Wellbore Sidetracking Guidelines - Directional Drilling Technology

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    Drill Bit Make Up Torque
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    Drilling Data Handbook Drilling Data Handbook

    Creator: Gilles Gabolde, Jean-Paul Nguyen | Technology & Engineering - 2006-01-01 THREADS AND MAKE-UP TORQUES FOR DRILL BITS AND CORING BITS (API RP 7G, 16th edition, August 1998 ; API Spec 7, 40th edition, November 2001) Rock bits Diamond and PDC bits (1) Normal torque range is tabulated value plus  ... Publisher: Editions TECHNIP

    Working Guide to Drilling Equipment and Operations Working Guide to Drilling Equipment and Operations

    Creator: William Lyons | Science - 2009-09-16 Field observations indicate that the makeup torque should create an average axial stress of 62,500 psi in the pin or box, ... 2.1.5 Drill Collar Buckling In a straight vertical hole with no weight on the bit, a string of drill collars remains straight. Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

    Oil & Gas Handbook, A Roughneck's Guide to the Universe Oil & Gas Handbook, A Roughneck's Guide to the Universe

    Creator: Will Pettijohn P.E.C., Will Pettijohn, P.e.c. | Business & Economics - 2012-02-01 the service center with all tool connections made up to the proper torque, and all components inspected and tested for ... Make up the drill bit to the proper torque in the bit breaker and the rig tong placed on the output shaft directly above the bit  ... Publisher: AuthorHouse

    Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

    Creator: William C. Lyons, Ph.D., P.E., Gary J Plisga, BS | Technology & Engineering - 2011-03-15 (From Drilco, Division of Smith International, Inc.). shoulder load is generated by makeup torque. Field observations ... Drill Collar Buckling In a straight vertical hole with no weight on the bit, a string of drill collars remains straight. As the ... Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

    Drilling Engineering Drilling Engineering

    Creator: Jamal J. Azar, G. Robello Samuel | Technology & Engineering - 2007 Recently, top drives have become popular for inducing rotation to the drill bit — particularly in offshore drilling. ... For example, if a drill pipe has a maximum recommended makeup torque of 20,000 ft-lbs, the rotary horsepower that can be  ... Publisher: PennWell Books

    Drill Bit Make Up Torque
    Aug 12, 2010 by michele m | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Hi -let me start by saying I'm a female. My husband has pretty much decided I am to be the woodworker of the family bc I enjoy it. I am currently installing BLUM hardware into our RTA cabinets. It's been a heck of a day -like every day lately!

    Doug got my vote. He has very good information. The things I would change are:

    Drill pilot hole deeper than length of screw.
    Any soap will make the screws go in easier. (Use liquid dish soap.)
    To the best of my knowledge,