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1 Ohm 150 Watts High Power Ceramic Tube Resistor 150W 1R
Price: $10.74
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  • Product Name : Wire Wound Resistor;Type : Fixed Type;Rated Power : 150W
  • Total Size : 27 x 2.8 x 7cm/10.6'' x 1.1'' x 2.8'' (L*W*H);Color : As Picture Shown
  • Weight : 261g;Package Content : 1 x Wire Wound Resistor
Medline Plastic Medicine Graduated Cups, 1 Ounce (Pack of 100)
List Price: $2.18 Price: $2.99
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  • 1-2 Tablespoon and 2.5-30 milliliters and cubic centimeters
  • Graduated, Plastic, 1 ounce
  • 100 cups
5 Pcs B100K 100K ohm Single Linear Taper Ratory Potentiometers
Price: $5.30
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  • Material : Metal w Electronic Parts;Color : As Picture Show
  • Shaft Length : 13.5mm / 0.53";Base Height : 7.1mm / 0.28";Base Diameter : 16mm / 0.62"
  • Type : Single Linear (Type B);Features : Knurled Shaft;Shaft Diameter : 6mm / 0.23"
Solder Sucker- desoldering pump
List Price: $5.85 Price: $0.95 You Save: $4.90 (84%)
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DC12V 4.8W Solenoid Electromagnet w Spring Plunger 1mm 320g 5mm 50g
Price: $12.49
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  • Weight : 35g;Package Content : 1 x DC Solenoid Electromagnet
  • Screw Hole Diameter : 2.2mm;Cable Length : 9cm/3.5";Color : As Picture Shown
  • Current : 0.4A;Power : 4.8W;Type : Pull

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    Mrs. Remis' Science Blog - 7th grade: LAB EQUIPMENT & SAFETY ...

  • Professor Absent-Mind  recently moved his chemistry lab. He has a tendency to be somewhat relaxed in his organizational skills; in other words, he has  NONE!  He does, however, have chemistry students that have graciously volunteered to help him organize the lab. The only issue is that the Professor has been called to go on a research study in the Amazon Forest, and has left you in charge of identifying and organizing all of the laboratory equipment. You have been given a list & 24 pictures of lab equipment that the professor has in his collection.  Follow the instructions carefully given below for each of the following activities.
  • Source: Mrs. Remis' Science Blog - 7th grade: LAB EQUIPMENT & SAFETY ...

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    Lab Equipment Names And Pictures
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    Lab Equipment Names And Pictures
    Sep 09, 2008 by I am Ninja! | Posted in Chemistry

    Tomorrow my Chemistry 1 honors class is going to have a quiz over the tools and equipment she showed to us on Friday...I didn't have a pencil and I lost my pen that day, but I would have written the different names so I could look them up and study...not

    I can guess a few:
    test tubes
    test tube rack
    bunsen burner
    ring stand
    wire gauze (this looks like a screen with the center filled in)