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Science, GMOs and Initiative 522

  • Seattle geneticist Max Moehs is uneasy about Washington’s Initiative 522, which would require labeling of foods with genetically engineered (GE) ingredients.

    On its face, Initiative 522 is a labeling law so that people know what’s in their food. But GE is not an ingredient . It is a process. “Labeling a crop ‘genetically engineered’ is like labeling it, ‘Grown on Irrigated Land,’ ” Moehs says. Or for organic food, labeling it, “Grown in Manure.”

    “What’s important is what’s in the plant, not how it was created,” Moehs says.

    Of course Moehs (pronounced “mays”), 51, is an interested party. He the principal scientist at the Seattle labs of Arcadia Biosciences , based in Davis, Calif. Moehs has just won a $2-million grant from the National Institutes of Health. It is his second such grant to develop a strain of low-gluten wheat. His partner on this grant is Karl Sestak, associate professor of microbiology at Tulane University in New Orleans; the partner on his previous grant was Diter von Wettstein of Washington State University.

  • Source: The Seattle Times (blog)

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    Symbiotic fungi inhabiting plant roots have major impact on ...

  • Microscopic fungi that live in plants' roots play a major role in the storage and release of carbon from the soil into the atmosphere, according to a University of Texas at Austin researcher and his colleagues at Boston University and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. The role of these fungi is currently unaccounted for in global climate models.

    Some types of symbiotic fungi can lead to 70 percent more carbon stored in the soil.

    "Natural fluxes of carbon between the land and atmosphere are enormous and play a crucial role in regulating the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and, in turn, Earth's climate," said Colin Averill, lead author on the study and graduate student in the College of Natural Sciences at UT Austin. "This analysis clearly establishes that the different types of symbiotic fungi that colonize plant roots exert major control on the global carbon cycle, which has not been fully appreciated or demonstrated until now."

    "This research is not only relevant to models and predictions of future concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases, but also challenges the core foundation in modern biogeochemistry that climate exerts major control over soil carbon pools," added Adrien Finzi, co-investigator and professor of biology at Boston University.

  •

    Source: Symbiotic fungi inhabiting plant roots have major impact on ...

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    From the archive, 12 March 1955: Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin ... The Guardian - Dec 31, 1969

    In 1947 the Department of Inoculation, made famous by Wright and himself, was renamed the Wright-Fleming Institute of Microbiology, and placed under his direction. During the First World War Fleming worked on the bacteriology of septic wounds.

    DESIblitz - Dec 31, 1969

    Microbiologist turned Music Producer, Raghu Dixit has changed the style of Indian folk music by adapting western influences. He has Raghu, a scientist by profession gradually began working on the foundations of a new career in music. He eventually

    Newswise (press release) - Dec 31, 1969

    Newswise — The British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is likely to be the world's most famous person living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. ALS is a progressive The IMBA scientists, working with an

    Daily Republic - Dec 31, 1969

    Baron said she remains fond of Cornelius and proud of her work designing it, although she turned to science after her flirtation with art. She said the three girls who created He has been a popular figure, and there are several versions of

    Researchers find that life on Earth could have originated from space ice dust ExtremeTech - Dec 31, 1969

    As was eventually seen in the results of the famous Miller-Urey experiment, even just the conditions of primordial Earth might have produced more than 20 amino acids, the number used to make the vast majority of Earth-made proteins. The problem is that

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