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Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digimatic Micrometer without SPC Output, 1"
List Price: $178.00 Price: $150.00 You Save: $28.00 (16%)
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  • Improved resistance to environmental conditions such as dirt, oil and water that can cause false readings
  • Electromagnetic Absolute sensor
  • Anti-slip finish for improved grip while taking measurements
Mitutoyo 293-340 Digimatic Outside Micrometer, 0-1" Range, 0.00005"/0.001mm Resolution, IP65, No Output, with Ratchet
List Price: $178.00 Price: $177.99 You Save: $33.00 (19%)
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  • 0.00005"/0.001 mm resolution and 0.00005" accuracy
  • Carbide facing on spindle and anvil provides wear resistance
  • Certified IP65 for resistance to penetration by dust and liquid up to the force of a low-pressure water jet
Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE 500-196-20 Digital Caliper, Stainless Steel, Battery Powered, Inch/Metric, 0-6" Range, +/-0.001" Accuracy, 0.0005" Resolution
List Price: $156.00 Price: $155.99 You Save: $31.00 (20%)
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  • Hardened stainless steel construction for protection of caliper components
  • Four-way measurement capability for multiple applications: outside diameter (OD), inside diameter (ID), depth, and step
  • Position memory for retaining measurements
Mitutoyo 176-808A Toolmaker's Microscope with Digimatic Micrometer Heads, 30X Magnification
List Price: $5,200.00 Price: $4,877.92 You Save: $322.08 (6%)
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  • Two digimatic micrometer heads with 0.00005"/0.001 mm resolution display LCD readout and provide statistical process control (SPC) output
  • Total magnification ability of 30X, with 2X objective, and a 15X eyepiece that features a built-in vernier protractor and an angle dial to control angle measurement
  • Compact toolmaker's compound microscope with monocular head for measuring dimensions and angles of machined metals, examining the shape of screw threads and gear teeth, measuring stepped dimensions, and inspecting matching templates
Mitutoyo 500-171-20 Digital Calipers, Battery Powered, Inch/Metric, for Inside, Outside, Depth and Step Measurements, Stainless Steel, 0"/0mm-6"/150mm Range, +/-0.001"/0.01mm Accuracy, 0.0005"/0.01mm Resolution
List Price: $183.00 Price: $165.00 You Save: $18.00 (10%)
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  • Position memory for retaining measurements
  • Function control buttons on the face, for ease of use: Origin, On/Off, and Zero/ABS (Absolute Scale)
  • Four-way measurement capability for multiple applications: outside diameter (OD), inside diameter (ID), depth, and step

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    What's New in Our Tool Box: Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer | ToolGuyd

  • Was for this Mitutoyo Digimatic IP65-rated digital micrometer. It was priced at $105, and I had been looking for a good quality micrometer, so I ordered one.

    What Does it Do?

    Mitutoyo makes a wide range of micrometers which are used for taking repetitive measurements with high precision and accuracy.

    Why This One?

    Mainly because it was on sale at a lower price than some of Mitutoyo’s other digital micrometers. Actually, it’s current full price of $135 via Amazon is quite good as well.

    I was planning to buy a basic Mitutoyo digital micrometer later in the year, but for only a few bucks more I will now have one that’s impervious to coolant, debris, and other such fluids.

    This outside micrometer, model 293-340, has a measurement range of 0-1″, resolution of 0.00005″/0.001mm, 0.00005″ accuracy, ratcheting thimble, carbide-faced anvils, and IP65 dust-proof and waterproof certification.

    The micrometer comes with a plastic fitted case and starter SR44 battery.

  •

    Source: What's New in Our Tool Box: Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer | ToolGuyd

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    Improved Inspection Equipment Brings Increased Efficiency to American Tool ... PR Web (press release) - Jan 01, 1970

    The Mitutoyo Quick Vision system is miles ahead of our previous equipment. It has a By eliminating the need for manual, mechanical probes, human measurement and transcription errors are avoided and the inspection time is speeded up considerably.

    Modern Machine Shop - Jan 01, 1970

    Mitutoyo America's HM-200 series micro Vickers hardness testing machines feature productivity-enhancing technologies such as optical systems for measuring indentation dimensions and an electromagnetic test-force loading device. New Product

    Mitutoyo Micrometer Manual
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