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Adjustable Slip Lock Nut Wrench, Fits 1-Inch to 3-Inch For Removing/Tightening Drainage Slip Nuts
List Price: $10.73 Price: $7.15 You Save: $3.58 (33%)
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  • Adjustable Slip Nut Wrench
  • For Removing & Tightening Of Drainage Slip Nuts
  • From 1" To 3" Capacity
Channellock GS-3S 4-Piece Tongue and Groove Plier Gift Set: 426,420,440 and 61CB
List Price: $64.61 Price: $28.58 You Save: $36.03 (56%)
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  • Pliers have Channellock Blue grips for comfort
  • Includes 440 - 12-Inch tongue and groove plier
  • Includes 61CB - 6-n-1 screwdriver
MINTCRAFT T1523L Adjustable Slip Nut Wrench
List Price: $18.99 Price: $9.64 You Save: $9.35 (49%)
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  • Fits toilet spuds, slip nuts and lock nuts
  • Adjusts from 1-1/4" to 3"
  • For lavatory repair
Superior Tool 03840 Adjustable Combination Wrench
List Price: $21.99 Price: $18.35 You Save: $3.64 (17%)
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  • Zinc plated with cushion grip handle
  • Adjusts from 1 inch to 3 inch
  • Fits spud nuts, slip and lock nuts and basket strainer nuts for various under sink and toilet work
CowCool® Apple iphone 6 4.7 inch Case Hard PC Design birds feathers Black Shell Single Layer Protective Case (#7)
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  • Hard PC Protection Slimlightweight and form-fitted
  • Easy Installation with stylish style Protect your Phone
  • Compatible with Apple iphone 6 4.7 inch

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IRWIN Tools Launches Phase II of Impact Performance Series

  • , IRWIN® Tools is introducing the second phase of its Impact Performance Series™ portfolio of impact driver accessories, completing the widest range of drilling, driving and extracting accessories available in the market. While some accessories currently marketed for use in impact drivers are only compatible with impact power tools, IRWIN’s impact accessories are engineered specifically for use in impact tools. Featuring Double-Ended Power Bits , a Tapcon® Installation System , BOLT-GRIP® and SCREW-GRIP™ Extractors , IRWIN’s line of innovative new tools are enabling tradesmen to do more with their impact drivers than ever before.

    “The second phase of the Impact Performance Series expands our initial offering which was originally focused on the fastener drive category only. IRWIN’s expansion into impact designed double-ended power bits, drilling, extracting, and adapters and extensions categories provides the right impact accessory for nearly all impact driver applications. By eliminating the need for multiple tools and transition time, our accessories allow tradesmen to work more efficiently and productively on their jobs,” said Jon Schlosser, director of marketing, IRWIN.

  • Source: Business Wire (press release)

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    This Clever Combination Lock Protects Your Bike's Parts From ...

  • You can’t really overstate the importance of bicycle locks as the first line of defense, and usually, the only deterrent against would-be crooks. As most police departments, particularly in large cities, are often overwhelmed with serious felony cases such as murders and burglaries, investigations into instances of bike theft tend to be treated as a much lower priority. And with such little recourse, the chances of owners actually recovering their bicycles is, sadly, around 5 percent .

    “We make it easy for them (bike thieves),” Sgt. Joe McCloskey of the San Francisco Police Department told the San Francisco Bay Guardian

    Where there’s such an obvious blind spot for criminal activity, there will be rampant opportunism, naturally. The thievery of individual bike components has become increasingly popular since they don’t have serial numbers and thus represent an untraceable source of profit for black market dealers.  ETA , a U.K.-based

  •

    Source: This Clever Combination Lock Protects Your Bike's Parts From ...

    Slip And Lock Nut Wrench
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    Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics

    1972-04 Then loosen the cone nut about eight or ten turns or enough to let the cone locknut on the freewheel side go far enough from the freewheel hole to slip a cone wrench on it. At this point turn the wheel over and insert the opoosite cone nut in the ...

    The Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 Handbook The Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 Handbook

    After removing the torque wrench and box-end wrench, double-check locknut torque with a ft-lb torque wrench and 9/16-in. ... If the adjustment is too loose, the transmission will slip in second gear during acceleration and deceleration.

    The Complete Photo Guide To Home Repair, With 350 Projects and 2300 Photos The Complete Photo Guide To Home Repair, With 350 Projects and 2300 Photos

    Creator: Creative Publishing International | House & Home - 2004-09-01 Unscrew the slip nuts from both ends of the tailpiece, using channel -tvpe pliers ( photo F). Disconnect and remove the tailpiece from the strainer body and trap bend. Remove the locknut, using a spud wrench (photo G). Unscrew the locknut ... Publisher: Creative Publishing Int'l

    Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics

    1985-11 Next, remove the wheel bearing locknut, lock ring and adjusting nut. ... 7 A 4- prong spanner wrench helps to remove the outer wheel bearing locknut. seal using a high quality multipurpose bearing grease. ... Back off the adjusting nut 45 °, then install the lockwasher by turning the inner adjusting nut until the lock pin slips into ...

    Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual for Tank, Combat, Full-tracked, 105-mm Gun, M60A3 (2350-00-148-6548) and (2350-01-061-2306 TTS Turret Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual for Tank, Combat, Full-tracked, 105-mm Gun, M60A3 (2350-00-148-6548) and (2350-01-061-2306 TTS Turret

    Tanks (Military science) - 1987 (2) Make sure locknut is securely against spring adjusting guide. Manually slip the clutch by rotating the torque wrench on the clutch input shaft for two revolutions in one direction. (3) Continuing in the same direction, manually slip the clutch in ...

    Slip And Lock Nut Wrench
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