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Hitachi CC14SFS 14-Inch 15-Amp Portable Chop Saw with Trigger Switch 4000-RPM
List Price: $273.98 Price: $159.99 You Save: $113.99 (42%)
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  • 8mm Hex Bar Wrench (955857)
  • 14-Inch cut-off wheel can cut 5-Inch rounds and has a rectangular range of 5.5 by 4.5-Inch, 7.7 by 3.9-Inch and 9.25 by 2.8-Inch
  • 15 Amps and 2,000 watts to power through the toughest jobs
Miter Pipe Calculator
List Price: $2.99 Price: $2.99
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  • Helps with normal piping calculator
  • Includes a user guide if you have questions
  • Ideal for pipefitters/welders/fabricator s and more
2 inch High Speed Bench Top Cut-Off Saw with Miter Gauge
List Price: $89.99 Price: $39.79 You Save: $50.20 (56%)
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  • •Cuts to a depth of 1/2 in. - ideal for frames and molding
  • This bench top saw is so accurate that you might never have to file or sand ends.
  • This precision bench saw makes perfect cuts in soft metals, wood and plastic in 1/10th the time it t
Flange Wizard - Magnetic Miter Markers Fl 63803 Miter Marker W/Case: 496-63803 - fl 63803 miter marker w/case
List Price: $207.74 Price: $153.88 You Save: $53.86 (26%)
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  • Pipe Cap. - 1 1/2 in [Min], 18 in [Max]
  • Includes - Magnetic Base, Structural Adapter 8311, Polypropylene Case
Shop-Vac 906-87-00 Universal Tool Adapter
List Price: $14.99 Price: $8.59 You Save: $6.40 (43%)
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  • Black
  • Easy to Use
  • Used to adapt virtually any power tool to work with all Shop-Vac® brand wet/dry vacuums

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Chad and Carrie Jordan of Made in Aldie: Inside the Workshop

  • This is a love story that starts with Facebook and ends with a furniture company.

    Carrie Carleton met Chad Jordan at an IT networking event in 2011 but never got his number. Feeling confident, she did a Facebook search to track him down and send him a message.

    This past January, she married Chad Jordan — but not the one she met at the event.

    “When he responded on Facebook, he said, ‘I think you have the wrong person,’ ” Carrie recalls.

    It turned out she had found and messaged the wrong Chad, but they struck up a conversation anyway. Both were single, divorced and living in Fairfax — Chad doing local contracting work, Carrie working for an IT company. Things clicked and they have been together ever since — now making and selling custom wood furniture together for their Loudoun County-based small business, Made in Aldie.

    The couple’s first foray into furniture-making came when they moved from a three-bedroom townhouse in Fairfax to a larger, five-bedroom house in Aldie. They moved to Loudoun County to save money, Chad says, but found themselves without enough furniture to fill their home.

  • Source: Washington Post

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    pipe miter | MIG Welding Forum

  • I can see the point Shox Dr is making. Coping or mitring is normally used when one tube joins another tube part way along it's length. When the two tubes are joined at the ends it's probably simpler just to halve the included angle, cut, then 'butt weld', although that does sort of assume you have a suitable jig to guide the saw. Edit. You use the terms 'Roll' and 'offset' to describe the two angles. I'm not sure, from the diagram, which of the angles is the 'Roll'. The last part of the diagram shows roll and offset, but not the numbers that apply in this case. I'm sure the numbers are in the dimensioned diagram, but the terms aren't, so I want to make sure which is which, rather than make a mis-translation. we always mark out the TDC (top dead centre) and BDC (bottom dead centre) you will need a pipe tape or flexy tape or diameter tape, whatever you wanna call them. make a line using angle iron down the full length and mark...
  •

    Source: pipe miter | MIG Welding Forum

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    Baltimore Sun (blog) - Dec 31, 1969

    Nearly 30 pounds of copper pipe, DeWalt miter saw, extension cord and case with router bits stolen from basement. Timonium. Elphin Court, unit block, between 2 p.m. Feb. 15 and 5:30 a.m. Feb. 17. Three televisions, rifle, three Apple tablets, three

    Wicked Local - Dec 31, 1969

    This large-scale work for full orchestra, two pianists and one organist utilizes the exquisite 1919 Austin pipe organ housed in Memorial Hall with massive pipes hidden behind the stage's wooden columns. Organist David Tierney joins the symphony for

    Street Rodder Magazine - Dec 31, 1969

    The space saved by using the oval tubing allowed SpinTech to tuck an exhaust pipe up closer to the floor of the car, usually eliminating any chance of it hanging down below the frame or rocker panel. And for lovers of lowered cars, this simple change

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    Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual, Construction, Design Fabrication and Examination Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual, Construction, Design Fabrication and Examination

    Creator: Philip Ellenberger | Technology & Engineering - 2014-01-22 ... the maximum allowable internal pressure for miter bends R1 is the effective radius of the miter bend r2 is the mean radius of the pipe S is the allowable stress T is the miter pipe minimum wall thickness Wis the weld strength reduction factor q ... Publisher: Elsevier

    Steel Pipe, A Guide for Design and Installation Steel Pipe, A Guide for Design and Installation

    Science - 2004 Figure 9-1 Recommended dimensions for water pipe fittings (except elbows) Tees and laterals are specified by giving the ... Deflection angles up to 5° can be taken in welded butt joints by miter end cuts on one or both pipe ends (Figure 9- 2A), ... Publisher: American Water Works Association

    Effective length of a mitered organ pipe Effective length of a mitered organ pipe

    Creator: Glen William Halik | Physics - 1918

    Understanding the Pipe Organ, A Guide for Students, Teachers and Lovers of the Instrument Understanding the Pipe Organ, A Guide for Students, Teachers and Lovers of the Instrument

    Creator: John R. Shannon | Music - 2009-01-13 Space limitations often make it necessary to shorten the height oflarge pipes in order to fit into such tight places as swell boxes. One way this can be done is by mitering. To miter is to join together two pieces whose ends are cut so that they ... Publisher: McFarland

    Pipe Flow, A Practical and Comprehensive Guide Pipe Flow, A Practical and Comprehensive Guide

    Creator: Donald C. Rennels, Hobart M. Hudson | Technology & Engineering - 2012-04-02 Ninety-degree miter bends. Single Miter 30 ̊ 90 ̊ 30 ̊ 30 ̊ Compound Miter was assumed to be 10,000, which is within the range of Kubair and Kuloor's experiments on three spirals of different geometry on which their formulation was  ... Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

    Pipe Miter
    Sep 12, 2006 by srigaja | Posted in Engineering

    Cut the pipe across at 45 degrees, rotate and join.(Weld/braze for metallic; suitable cement/adhesive for others)