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Best Nut Milk Bag ~ Reusable 12" x 10" Fine Mesh Strainer for Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Juice & Yogurt. Bonus Recipe E-Book.
List Price: $24.99 Price: $8.95 You Save: $16.04 (64%)
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  • Less Waste With Our Rounded Bottom Strainer Bags. Vita Nut Milk Bag's Rounded Bottom and Premium Double Stitching Mean No Pulp is Left Behind When Cleaning, so Your Bags Stay Cleaner & Sanitary for Longer. Superior Food Grade Nylon Material to Cotton or Hemp.
  • Get Pulp Free Results That You Only Have to Filter Once So You Save Time & Money. Our 12" x 10" Size and Easy to Cinch Drawstring Means No Oozing Out of the Top Like Smaller Strainer Bags, But They're Not Too Big to Handle. Backed by Our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Read what Amazon customers have to say: I got this bag purely for making almond milk. It works beautifully! It is super fine so my milk was not chunky. It's also very strong. I usually rip through when I make milk, this bag held strong!
  • No Artificial Red or Yellow Colors, Dyes or Cheap Plastic Openings Mean Healthier Drinks! Convenient, Durable Draw String Creates Easy Sieve Filtration, Brewing and Drying. Perfect For Unattended Sprouting -- Just Hang, and Walk Away! Use the Drawstring to Hang or Stand Up the Bag for Quick, Complete Drying. This Means No Mold Like You'd Get With Other Bags. Make Healthier Organic Nut Milks, Juices, and Cold Brew Coffee & Tea for You & Your Family.
Prepworks from Progressive International DKS-300 Powdered Sugar Keeper with Built in Leveler
List Price: $10.50 Price: $7.60 You Save: $2.90 (28%)
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  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keeper stores up to 1 pound of powdered sugar; measures 4.25 x 5.25 x 5.75 inches high
  • Keeper features integrated mesh top allows for dusting powdered sugar; self-leveler designed to provide accurate measurements
Mind Reader "Anchor"Coffee Pod Storage Drawer for 50 Nespresso Capsules, Black
List Price: $52.33 Price: $19.99 You Save: $32.34 (62%)
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  • Place your single serve Nespresso coffee machine on top to save valuable counter space in your office or home. Also compatible with DeLonghi Lattissima
  • Holds 50 Nespresso Capsules
  • Five rows to help organize your favorite flavors
InterDesign Modulon X4 Storage Basket, Frost
List Price: $23.35 Price: $11.99 You Save: $11.36 (49%)
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  • Equipped with two handles on either side for easy transportation
  • May be used as a freezer storage basket in the kitchen
  • Sturdy white plastic body with large mesh design
Akro-Mils 37608 24-Inch by 16-Inch by 8-Inch Straight Wall Container Plastic Tote with Mesh Sides and Mesh Base, Case of 4, Red
List Price: $109.68 Price: $83.79 You Save: $25.89 (24%)
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  • Holds up to 45-Pound stacked 6 high
  • Outside Dimension: 23-3/4-Inch L x 15-3/4-Inch W x 8-1/4-Inch H
  • Made in the USA

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Inside the Lab That's Modifying Mosquitoes to End Disease

  • I'm not a natural scientist, a fact that's obvious as I struggle to put on a company-issued white coat and shoe covers.

    "I take it this is your first visit to a mosquito factory," Heyden Parry, the smoothly reassuring CEO of the British biotech company  Oxitec , comments drily.

    In fact, it is. But here I am, entering the laboratory which is creating the world’s first mass-produced genetically-modified animal. The goal? To control a species of mosquito that carries one of the world’s fastest spreading viral diseases:  dengue fever .

    Here, on an industrial estate in Campinas, on the outskirts of São Paulo, Oxitec is rearing millions of the  Aedes Aegypti mosquito , from egg to adult, on a diet of sugared paper and sheep’s blood.

    In the egg production room, the entire lifecycle of the mosquito is laid out in a collection of plastic beakers. First, there’s a lump of brownish granules, which, on closer inspection, are actually millions of eggs. Then come the tiny, tadpole-shaped larvae. Next, the prawn-like pupae. And finally, buzzing around in a large metal box sealed with tight wire mesh to prevent them from escaping, the fully-hatched adults. At the bottom of each box are a series of thin metal trays in which the mosquitoes lay their eggs.

  • Source: Motherboard

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    Plastic Mesh Produce Baskets | Buy Nothing Project

  • It’s strawberry season, so what are we to do about the plastic berry basket? You know which berry containers I’m talking about: The plastic mesh variety, pint-size and usually green in color that cherry tomatoes and strawberries come in. They come under the following names: Berry baskets, berry boxes, strawberry baskets, pint berry containers, plastic strawberry baskets, plastic cherry tomato boxes…the list goes on.

    It’s not the grocery stores that are packaging the lovely berries. Farmers choose the packaging, but many grocery stores will give feedback to the farmers if their customers just don’t want their fresh produce packaged in plastic berry baskets. The good news is I spent a week looking all over our island for these little buggers and, remarkably, not a single store here, including Safeway, were selling produce in them. Our little island off the coast of Seattle, that used to be the strawberry capital of the world, was plum out of berry baskets.

  •

    Source: Plastic Mesh Produce Baskets | Buy Nothing Project

    Latest News - Dec 31, 1969

    The kitchen waste pail is an oval-shaped beige and white plastic container with a handle and securely closing lid. It has a 2 gallon capacity recycled plastic. It has a holding capacity of 55 gallons and includes a mosquito mesh to keep out bugs

    Growing for the kitchen Independent Online - Dec 31, 1969

    Large polysterene containers, used for fish and then thrown away, make perfect pots. To maximise space in a small garden, he has developed a trellis system, which he makes himself using low-cost plastic piping to which he attaches plastic mesh.

    Reusable kitchen items reduce waste Charlotte Observer - Dec 31, 1969

    There are also many reusable alternatives for plastic sandwich baggies, including washable baggies or sandwich wraps in every size, hard-to-break glass containers in snack and lunch sizes, and stainless steel food storage options. People who love to

    Victoria Times Colonist - Dec 31, 1969

    They come in a variety of sizes and seal tightly on glass, ceramic, metal, and even plastic containers. Since silicone is BPA-free, these are a safe This mesh sheet sits right on the rack in your oven and works quickly. Then you can throw it in the

    Spring cleaning begins by getting organized - Dec 31, 1969

    Over-the-door mesh shoe racks are great for storing all kinds of winter accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves. Get some sturdy hooks for purses, backpacks and other large bags, Store items in plastic containers. Some winter items will be

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    Best books
    The First-Time Garden Specialist, Essential Practical and Inspirational Information for First-Time Gardeners to Create Beautiful Gardens The First-Time Garden Specialist, Essential Practical and Inspirational Information for First-Time Gardeners to Create Beautiful Gardens

    Creator: David Squire, A. Bridgewater, G Bridgewater | Gardening - 2008-02 Some of these plants have flowers, but most do not. f ~ \ Oxygenators Also known as water-weeds and submerged aquatics, plants are totally submerged, with their roots planted in plastic-mesh containers positioned on the pond's base. Publisher: New Holland Publishers

    Papermaking with Garden Plants & Common Weeds Papermaking with Garden Plants & Common Weeds

    Creator: Helen Hiebert | Crafts & Hobbies - 2006-01-01 Glue foam strips around the bottom edge of one of the containers. Cut a piece of stiff mesh (like wire window screen) that is larger than the hole, but small enough to fit into a container and fit it into the bottom of the other plastic container. Publisher: Storey Publishing

    Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads, Sweet and Savory Baking for Breakfast, Brunch, and Beyond Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads, Sweet and Savory Baking for Breakfast, Brunch, and Beyond

    Creator: Ciril Hitz | Cooking - 2011-02-09 Clear plastic containers give an unobstructed view of the fermentation process. Plastic ... all different shapes and mesh sizes, and are used for straining liquids and sifting powdered ingredients, such as flours and powdered sugar. Plastic ... Publisher: Quarry Books

    New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science/Experimental Agriculture New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science/Experimental Agriculture

    1977-03 If a common nutrient solution is to be supplied to a number of pots of soil a long plastic reservoir (800 X 65 X 50 mm) is ... containers are placed in the troughs at intervals and water or nutrient solution enters the soil through the plastic mesh.

    Roots, The Dynamic Interface Between Plants and the Earth Roots, The Dynamic Interface Between Plants and the Earth

    Creator: Jun J. Abe, International Society of Root Research | Science - 2003-11-30 Experiment 1 Root pruning (1998): At 9 DAP, semi-hemisphere- shaped plastic mesh containers (</> = 17 cm, 5.5 cm in depth, 2 mm mesh) were placed in each temperature treatment in such a way that the top of the containers were located at  ... Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

    Plastic Mesh Containers
    Oct 05, 2006 by wongtongsoup22 | Posted in Botany

    Hello everybody
    I was wondering how a plants roots can defy gravity, meaning disproving geotropism. Yes I know, there will be gravity pulling down the roots, but I need to find a way to make the roots defy gravity. My project ideas are to use a

    There isn't really a "geotropism" as much as its a gravitropism. And it's not disproved by NASA. Notice in the NASA experiment there was no gravity, thus taking out the essential part of testing wether or not gravitropism is real. In your experiment