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Orbit 67404 5-Pack 1/4-Inch Barb Shut-Off Valve
List Price: $2.24 Price: $1.85 You Save: $0.39 (17%)
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  • Universal, works with most new or existing drip irrigation systems
  • Control the water flow to plants or shrubs
  • Simply insert the Barbed Valve into any type if 1/4-Inch tubing
Micro in-line shut off valve (pk of 10)
Price: $6.21
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  • Ultimate UV Protection: To ensure long trouble free use
  • Extremely Durable
  • Sold in packs of 10
1/2" Barbed Poly Hose Shut-off Valve
Price: $2.17
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  • ½" barbed poly hose shutoff valve
  • ½" barbed poly hose throttling valve
  • compatable with ½" (16mm) poly hose (.710 O.D. x .620 I.D.)
LASCO 19-6501 Straight Shut Off Valve Push-In Fitting with 1/4-Inch OD Tubing, Plastic
List Price: $14.99 Price: $13.82 You Save: $1.17 (8%)
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  • Straight shut off valve
  • Clean tubing, push in by hand
  • 1/4-inch OD tubing
Watts PL-3011 Push Stop Valve, 1/4-Inch OD
List Price: $12.29 Price: $6.32 You Save: $5.97 (49%)
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  • Mini quick connect push straight stop valve 1/4-Inch OD both sides
  • Perfect for ice maker connection, coffee makers, fountain drink dispensers, and water filtration connection
  • Rated for 150psi at 70 degrees F and 60psi at 140 degrees F

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    Source: 20 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life | The Daily Sheeple

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    Kansas City Star - Dec 31, 1969

    March 13. By MIKE HENDRICKS. The . JJ's staff snuffed out candles and turned off the stove as the restaurant filled with natural gas, but two pilot lights were still on when the popular Kansas City nightspot erupted in a fatal explosion

    Buffalo News - Dec 31, 1969

    “I got kicked out because I boiled her wallpaper off the walls,” Wendel says with a chuckle. “Three He stocks everything from table-size evaporators pitched to the one-person hobbyist operation to the dizzying array of plumbing fixtures needed to

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    Just as crucial, the utility crew called in to shut down the gas leak either did not have easily accessible shutoff valves available, as required by law, or chose not to use them. Other problems meeting safety standards already have been . For

    Denver Post - Dec 31, 1969

    valve on the wellhead, and the waste water would stream out, to a toxic lake lined with plastic. On a gas well, if there was too much coming out with the water, he'd sometimes light the stuff coming out of the exhaust pipe, to burn it off in a

    Tri-State Livestock News - Dec 31, 1969

    Also, turn off pumps and isolate the line leak, and secure and control any accessibility by locking the top of the tank, so no-one can access it. If you have Secondary containment includes: putting a fuel tank inside a stock tank, or building a

    Plastic Tubing Shut Off Valve
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    Plastic Tubing Shut Off Valve
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