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4-Piece Plastic Gear Set with Bushing. Great for Science Fairs
Price: $2.95
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  • This hard-to-find set of (3) combination spur/beveled gears-for when you want gears set
  • Or gear down-for the science fair or for any number of hobby projects.
PKG(2) 12VDC Reversible 2400 Rpm Mabuchi Motor RS-385PH
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  • This cutie from Mabuchi is a 12VDC reversible motor that spins at approx 2400 rpm, draws about 17mA no load, and stalls at 240mA.
  • Has 9" leads with a 2-pin Molex connector.
  • Measures 1-1/2" long x 1-1/16" dia with a removable sleeve. The 3/32" dia x 5/16" long shaft has a removable 5/16" dia single-sheave pulley.

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Hoping to aid veterans, Ohio teen invents physical therapy device

  • After meeting several injured veterans, Joseph Anand started reading articles about their difficulties with physical therapy. He took a special interest, as he always has with military affairs, and quickly decided he wanted to help.

    The goal might seem ambitious for a 14-year-old, but it was par for the course with Joseph, a home-schooled whiz kid who has already compiled an enviable list of accomplishments.

    In March 2011 he won the grand prize at the North-East Ohio Science and Engineering Fair as well as awards from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and other organizations for a prototype drone that was designed to use special image-recognition software to tell the difference between marijuana plants and other flora.

    Last year, he was part of a team that won top prize at the BEST Medicine Engineering Fair in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, for a project called the Arduino Powered Personal Limb Exerciser (APPLE). It's designed to help paralysis patients avoid muscle atrophy.

  • Source: CBS News

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    I.N.K.: Elementary Science Fairs in the Era of STEM and the Next ...

  • As an author of science activity books for children, I've attended my share of elementary/middle school science fairs.  I cannot recall ever being surprised by a project or display that was particularly clever or original.  Mostly the exhibits are the predictable volcano models, electric circuits, acid-base changes detected by red cabbage juice.  Parent fingerprints are all too often all over the display and when I've asked the student about their work, they show little background or knowledge of the subject.  The “fair” aspect of the event is far more important than the science. I’d like to help change that.    Since most science fairs take place in March—two months away—NOW is the time to start. I like the idea of kids working together.  After all, the body of knowledge we call “science” comes more from collaboration than competition.  When I researched my biography of Marie Curie , I was impressed...
  •

    Source: I.N.K.: Elementary Science Fairs in the Era of STEM and the Next ...

    Latest News

    Patch.com - Dec 31, 1969

    23 at Lawrence Intermediate School (LIS), the 4th annual Lawrence Science & Engineering Fair hosted 99 projects presented by 141 LIS and Lawrence Middle School (LMS) students. Awards were presented for each grade level. Lawrence High School

    White Mountain Independent - Dec 31, 1969

    Boyer's project used a rope-and-pulley system to easily lift heavy weights. He won both first prize and a special award. Family Night included a bake sale by the fifth graders, games, a hot dog dinner, Starlab demonstrations and the science fair

    Peninsula Ed Foundation support keeps education standards high Easy Reader News - Dec 31, 1969

    They haphazardly complete science fair projects and long for the high school days ahead when they will have some options in terms of what courses they take. And most of They are learning simple machines; pulleys, levers, incline planes. But don't

    Patch.com - Dec 31, 1969

    In addition to scheduled programming for teachers, the center will be open to students and parents at special times of the year – such as Science Fair time — to offer assistance and materials in support of projects. The centerpiece of the building is

    Chicago Tribune - Dec 31, 1969

    There was a lesson to be learned in watching a large, powerful and profusely sweating U.S. Army airborne veteran get pushed around by a bunch of little kids at Braeside Elementary School's recent Science Night. To be fair, Highland Park High School

    Pulley Science Fair Project
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    Creator: Robert Gardner | Science - 2004-05 Provides instructions for physics experiments that explore force and motion using easily available materials and offers suggestions about how to expand them to develop a science fair project. Publisher: Enslow Pub Inc

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    Creator: Robert Gardner | Juvenile Nonfiction - 2010-01-01 "Explains how to use the scientific method to conduct several physics experiments with forces and motion. Includes ideas for science fair projects"--Provided by publisher. Publisher: Enslow Publishers, Inc.

    Number, from Ahmes to Cantor Number, from Ahmes to Cantor

    Creator: Midhat J. Gazale | Mathematics - 2000 as an educational toy or a science fair project. Consider the pulley of Figure 2.7a, whose axis is allowed to move longitudinally as the string that is wrapped around it is pulled from either side. Spring S is intended only to provide a reaction to ... Publisher: Princeton Univ Department of Art &

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Science Fair Projects The Complete Idiot's Guide to Science Fair Projects

    Creator: Nancy K. O'Leary, Susan Shelly | Science - 2003-12-02 No projects with unshielded belts, pulleys, chains, or moving parts with tension or pinch points. * No human or ... 4 The main purpose of a science fair project is for you to learn and increase your skills in various disciplines. * Coming up with an ... Publisher: Penguin

    Pulley Science Fair Project
    Sep 17, 2009 by darlingdarla | Posted in Earth Sciences & Geology

    4 grade science fair that has to do with simple machines levers pulleys wheel and axle inclined planes wedge screw force motion friction i need the topic BY TOMORROW!

    Here is the project…

    Show how much money you save by switching to CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights).

    Get a cardboard box, about one and a half feet cube, and put inside it a light fixture and a series of really big resistors.