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3/8in OD 1/4in ID Latex Rubber Tubing (#804) 10 FEET
Price: $14.27
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  • Crossectional Dimensions: Outside Dia. 3/8in, Inside Dia. 1/4in, Wall Thickness 1/16in
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 10 Feet
Marksman 3330 Slingshot Band Replacement Kit
List Price: $3.95 Price: $5.00 You Save: $1.46 (29%)
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5/16in OD 3/16in ID Latex Rubber Tubing (#604) 10 FEET
Price: $13.25
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  • Quality latex rubber tubing manufacturered in the USA by Kent Elastomer
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 10 Feet
Trumark Slingshots Power Bands Heavy Pull
List Price: $9.60 Price: $4.99 You Save: $4.61 (48%)
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  • A 0.4% carbon black jacket has been added to the rubber for the ultimate protection against damaging Ulraviolet light rays. The black carbon helps make them the most durable slingshot bands ever
  • All Trumark slingshots are powered by surgical tubing. The tubing is attached to the leather pouch with light-weight, hollow, pin connectors
  • Both left and right bands are cut from one length of tubing so they are "matched" (balanced) for ac curate shooting
Daisy Outdoor Products Slingshot Replacement Band (Yellow/Black, Fits models F16, B52 and P51)
List Price: $3.99 Price: $2.99 You Save: $1.00 (25%)
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  • Easy to replace
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes
  • Shoots 1/4" or 3/8" steel and 1/2" glass shot

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    Source: SKL DIY Uptown: Barnett Slingshot Rubber now at RM 59.00 only!

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    CBS News - Dec 31, 1969

    Yesterday we saw the "human slingshot" from Devin Graham (aka DevinSuperTramp) get an even more fun and extreme redo a year and a half later. Now we get to see one Run the rubber hose down past the speaker so that the hose touches the speaker.

    The 25 Funniest Mascot Videos in Sports Bleacher Report - Dec 31, 1969

    Whether falling flat on their foam-rubber face or picking a fight with the only other dude in the stadium with a tail, there is no shortage of moments when mascots achieve comedy gold, even if it wasn't scripted. These are the 25 Any other Jackass

    Daily Press - Dec 31, 1969

    After the first two attempts with the slingshot — made from 2x4s, blue rubber tubing and a green plastic basket — failed to deliver the payload, Kelchner asked the class what they thought needed to be done. A few ideas were thrown out before Parker

    Poughkeepsie Journal - Dec 31, 1969

    The Kong line of toys are pack pleasers; the toys have holes at one end to hide treats, and the heavy-duty rubber construction makes them tough enough for larger dogs. (Available at many pet stores, or at Big, energetic dogs will have fun

    Rubber Tubing For Slingshot
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    Creator: H. R. Williamson | Social Science - 2011-01-01 I think that it is interesting that the Spanish word for slingshot is “resultera”. You can definitely get results with one. Soon many agents carried “Wrist Rockets” ( powerful and accurate hunting type slingshots, powered by surgical rubber tubing) ... Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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    Rubber Tubing For Slingshot
    Sep 07, 2006 by Hey Bud, let's party! | Posted in Law & Ethics

    A Starbucks coffee store recently moved into my neighborhood, well on the fringe of it. Despite neighborhood protests, petitions and letters to local government, the business went in. We don't much care for the effect it is having on the neighborhood,

    If you and your town are truly that concerned, you need to put the company out by opening up your own coffeshop, undercut thier prices drastically, with a better product. And if they cannot report profit for two fiscal years, they will close out.