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Self-adhesive Clear Rubber Feet Bumpons (100 pack)
Price: $6.99
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  • .335" (8.5mm) in diameter x .085" 2.2mm) height
  • Provides a non-slip, non-scratch surface
  • No cutting required
HuaYang Round Adhesive soft Silicone Petal Nipple Cover Bra Pad Pasty Skin Reusable
Price: $0.99
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  • Self-adhesive, well fixed, not easy to fall off. Strapless, easy to wear
  • Shape: Round Shape
  • Material: High Quality Ultra-Soft Silicone
CS Hyde Round High Density PTFE with Clean Release Silicone Adhesive, 0.002" Thick, 1/4" Diameter (444 pcs/roll)
Price: $9.82
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  • Adhesive for easy application
  • With clean release silicone adhesive
  • Measures 1/4" diameter by 0.002" Thick
Clear Rubber Bumper Pads to Protect and Cushion Surfaces (Pkg/375))
Price: $19.39
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  • 5/16" Dia. X 3/32"H
  • Just Peel, Stick & Protect!
  • Self Adhesive for Strong Hold.
Non-Slip Rubber Pad Will Hold Almost Anything In Place (Pkg/36)
Price: $15.50
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  • Peel and stick adhesive on one side
  • Flexible, cuts easily
  • Won't slip even on a tilt

Silicone Adhesive Dots - Recent Articles

ProDot makes your camera's shutter button more tactile - Gizmag

  • ProDot is an adhesive silicone dot which attaches to the shutter-button of your camera, and is said to make it more tactile while providing more precise control and vibration dampening. This is claimed to allow more accurate shooting and less camera shake, meaning better quality photos, especially when shooting at slower shutter speeds.

    Offering functionality similar to the soft release buttons favored by many rangefinder-shooters, the ProDot from Custom SLR features a raised textured surface for your trigger finger, and attaches to the camera thanks to a 3M adhesive. It can be re-applied several times before losing its stickiness.

    Other benefits of the ProDot are said to be that, because of the molded textured surface, you're less likely to see your finger slip on the shutter button even in moist environments. It should also offer more comfort for long shooting sessions – likely to be welcomed by wildlife and event shooters – acting like a cushion for your shutter finger.

  •

    Source: ProDot makes your camera's shutter button more tactile - Gizmag

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    Tabletop dispensing robots are an efficient way to increase both output and quality in assembly processes where fluids like adhesives, lubricants, and silicones must be applied in controlled, repeatable amounts. By automating repetitive fluid

    Silicone Adhesive Dots
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